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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Its the book of my blog's namesake! oh man I'm excited! I'm telling you, you couldn't make a better story if you wrote it yourself!

King Xerxes and his wife Vashti throw elaborate parties. So elaborate that they last for days, weeks even, and they split up the men from the women. Xerxes thinks Vashti is pretty hot stuff and wante s to show her off at his party, but she refuses the summons. Scared that all women will take a page from her book and disrespect their husbands, Vashti is banned and the search for a new queen begins.

Xerxes begins a parade of women each night (only after each of them has gone through 12 months of beauty treatments to be somewhat presentable) but Esther catches the king's eye. She has to keep her race and history a secret as she was raised by her cousin, Mordecai and Jews are not very popular. Esther is beloved by the king and he gives he whatever she wants. Her and Mordecai save the king from a plot to assassinate him but Mordecai is never honored. When a decree goes out to have people bow to a high official (Haman), Mordecai refuses as he is a Jew. Instead of dealing with just him, the officials decide to kill all Jews and have the order approved. Esther is distraught, but Mordecai tells her that perhaps she was made queen "for such a time as this"... God's inside person, if you will :)

Haman (bad guy) is really hatin' on Mordecai and builds a gallows on which to hang him. Esther, thinking quick on her feet, reminds Xerxes that Mordecai was never honored for saving his life. Xerxes makes Haman parade Mordecai around the city in fine linens--ultimate suck punch. Over dinner later, Esther explains to Xerxes the evil that Haman has been doing to her and her people and Xerxes hangs Haman on the very gallows he built for Mordecai.

Mordecai is appointed to Haman's old position and Haman's sons and those who schemed against the Jews were killed.

Esther is the freakin woman! Thats all I have to say :)

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