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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ezekiel 22-48

There is more examples of how Israel has been whoring itself out to things other than God. They have fallen for sex, money, idols, etc. God is tired of being compassionate and His anger if raging.

I'm not going to lie, this is EXTREMELY repetitive and becoming hard to pay attention to. Seriously 48 chapters of the same hellfire and brimstone.

Tyre, Egypt, Assyria... all have it coming to them. Once great nations will be reduced to rubble and ash.

Chapter 33 starts getting a little dangerous for those who could take it out of context. It talks about a man who turns from his evil ways will have his sins erased from the books and be saved. Basically "good people" will live and "bad people" will die. The important thing to remember is that Jesus' coming changed everything... there is no bad or good in this context, belief in Jesus covers all--you cannot fix yourself! I'm scared that some will discard the OT for its "closed-minded decrees" but will accept this section as a valid argument for salvation. You can't pick and choose people!

God then has Ezekiel speak to a pile of dry bones and they become living humans again. God promises that the bones are like Israel and though they are dead and desolate, they will rise again (gotta love God's unfailing love...). God has plans to reconcile them from every exiled nation and have David be the sole king over them.

Ezekiel then is taken to a mna who walks around the measures the temple. I have to give him props because he goes on for 2 chapters, in detail, about all the temple measurements. I think ultimately, the temple he is shown is a metaphor for heaven. He is to tell the people about the temple as that is the place God will dwell with them forever. Ezekiel must then learn the rules for the temple (no idol worship, or other sins and all the rituals entailed). He is also shown the lush lands around the temple good for food and healing. Th land will be divided up between the people and they will live there with God for eternity...

And we FINALLY come to the end of Ezekiel. I know it is choc-full of prophesies and other goodness, but its so hard to read!

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