I'm on a journey to read through the Bible in chronological order. Taking it one day at a time, I will read based on a list I found on the internet and blog about what happened, thoughts provoked, emotions conjured, etc. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2 Kings 24-25; 2 Chronicles 36

Zedekiah's disobedience is discussed again (I just read about him in Jeremiah). When he is warned of the impending doom coming upon Judah, he ignores it. When the city is besieged, he is captured--his sons are slaughtered in front of him then his eyes are gouged out. OUCH!

The fall of Jerusalem has now been detailed in 3 different books. It was a BIG deal. God allowed his people to be put to the sword by their enemies. This is what they deserved for their wickedness. This is what we all deserve every single day. But thanks to the promise and sacrifice of the Savior, we get to live by grace... how amazing is that??

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