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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jeremiah 30-37

God further explains His promise to deliver Judah after the appointed time--everything will be better for them. God also says that each man will be punished for his own sins, not the sins of their ancestors. Of course this will change again when Jesus comes, but thats for later :)

God tells Jeremiah to buy a plot of land. He is really torn up about this because the people are about to be captured and ravaged and there he is--buying land. God tells him that after this is over, lots of people will buy land; God is just providing for Jeremiah early. There will be a great restoration, all in God's timing. The people are rejected because people see their own God turning them away. But God will change all of this and raise his nations up again.

But for now, they are still living in sin. People are diligently following things their ancestors told them to do and not to do, but they still refuse to do the Lord's will. Ridiculous. How can you just listen to your father, and not obey your heavenly father??

God has Jeremiah put the prophecies on a scroll which is read to the people. The officials hear about it, and burn the scroll. No big deal. God has Jeremiah write another one put some fun extra words in it about special damnation that will come to the guy who threw the scroll in the fire... not a smart guy.

Jeremiah was then thrown in jail for again warning the people that the Babylonians were going to plunder, burn and pillage their land...

Denial sure is the best.

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