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Monday, December 20, 2010

Jeremiah 14-22

The people cry out because they are experiencing famine and drought. God says they can fast all they want--He doesn't care. Prophets can pray for them--He's not listening. They can burn offerings--He won't accept them. False prophets tell the people that peace is coming, but this just makes God angrier.

At one point God says that Judah's sin is engraved on their hearts.. I kinda got chills because after Jesus comes, HE is written on our hearts and our sins are wiped away... This whole book just shows what a jealous God we have--and how thankful we should constantly be to Him for sending Jesus to us to take our place against His wrath.

God has Jeremiah go to a potter's house and watch him work. Then God reminds him that He can mold Israel just as the potter does--He has all the power. He buys a pot and takes some leaders on a walk. He reminds them that God is calling them to repent and that they will be like a broken pot (here is where Jeremiah smashes the pot), beyond repair. Another prophet hears all of this and has Jeremiah thrown in the stocks.

Jeremiah had quietly complained here and there, but now he really loses it. He's tired of being laughed at and ridiculed. The life of a prophet is not as dazzling as one might think--it's tough business. Jeremiah knows that God is with him, but is tired of God talking about all He's going to do to these wicked people and not acting fast enough for his liking.

Jeremiah soon gets his wish--Judah is about to be attacked by Babylon. the Judean (sp?) asks God to help them. Not only will God NOT help them, He promises to actively fight against them and to help the Babylonians. To add insult, God offers to spare the lives of those who surrender to their enemies. It's so sad to me that people would rather surrender to an enemy in battle than to repent of a sin and surrender to God.

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