I'm on a journey to read through the Bible in chronological order. Taking it one day at a time, I will read based on a list I found on the internet and blog about what happened, thoughts provoked, emotions conjured, etc. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 146: 1 Kings 1-2; Psalms 37, 71, 94

A different side of Solomon becoming king is brought to light. When David was very old, and near death, a man decided that he would become king and established himself as such. Bathsheba tells David about this and makes sure that he knows that once he is dead, she and Solomon will be treated like criminals if Solomon is not made king. David formally has him anointed and paraded around. Once the "king" hears about this, he realizes that kingship is not something that can just be claimed and begs for his life. Solomon agrees as long as he promises to be a good boy.

David gives Solomon a few last words of wisdom before he dies and Solomon takes his place as king. Solomon cleans house and kills all of the men who brought guilt and shame on David's household. He appoints a new head priest and army leader.

We end with a Psalm from David that almost seems like a closing statement for his life. He reiterates his beliefs that God will always uphold the righteous and that the wicked will eventually get theirs. I like to imagine that this is geared towards Solomon as a "pep talk" before his reign begins...

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