I'm on a journey to read through the Bible in chronological order. Taking it one day at a time, I will read based on a list I found on the internet and blog about what happened, thoughts provoked, emotions conjured, etc. Enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 118: 1 Chronicles 7-9; Psalms 102-104

The main thing I've taken home from Chronicles is that birth control is magic. I mean seriously, these families are HUGE!!!! We are talking about each family line having thousands and thousands--enough for a small army. I'm sure there are large families you've known that joke about having an army, but these guys are playing around.

I have again merged a few Psalms into today (I was already behind from when I was sick a few weeks). More lamenting from a man pouring out his sorrows to God. He's eating ashes and drinking tears... pretty serious stuff. The main point is that God's love surrounds us... He never leaves and never forsakes...

103:8 The LORD is compassionate and gracious,
slow to anger, abounding in love.
12 as far as the east is from the west,
so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

He will give us exactly what we need and longs for us to be happy! And he is pro-wine :)

104:14 He makes grass grow for the cattle,
and plants for man to cultivate—
bringing forth food from the earth:

15 wine that gladdens the heart of man,
oil to make his face shine,
and bread that sustains his heart.

Bottom line--God loves you and longs for you to love Him too!

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