I'm on a journey to read through the Bible in chronological order. Taking it one day at a time, I will read based on a list I found on the internet and blog about what happened, thoughts provoked, emotions conjured, etc. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day sixty-three: Numbers 21-22

The people continue their journey and grumble again (I'm reallllllyyyyy getting fed up with this). God send venomous snakes to shut them up (an example of how I know God has a sense of humor). Moses intercedes again and does as the Lord says by placing a bronze snake for those who have been bitten to look at. Those that look at the snake will be cured and live.

This whole time Israel has made several enemies. They send messengers to ask if they can pass through towns on their journey and are denied and they have been attacked multiple times. They are winning battles and overtaking cities because the Lord is on their side at this point. I am not sure why because they are still acting like whiny brats, but its not my place to question His reasoning.

One of the lords of the land hears that the Israelites are close and gets a little nervous because their batting average is spot on these days. He send for a diviner named Balaam to put a curse onto the Israelites. During his travels to make the curse his donkey freaks out 3 times and he beats it 3 times. Then all of a sudden his donkey starts talking and asking him why he's beating her...what gets me is that he talks back to it like nothing is weird and completely ignores the oddity that HIS DONKEY IS TALKING!!! He learns that an angel has been blocking his way and that is why the donkey was freaking out. The angel tells Balaam he may continue on his journey only if he says what God tells him to say when he gets there... to be continued tomorrow!!

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