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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day seventy-six: Deuteronomy 17-20

The topic of leadership is addressed and how it should look it Canaan. Judges were put into place to handle the day to day issues, but are told to make matters that they cannot settle to the priests who will ask the Lord to make the final decision. If a tribe decides to elect a king, it must be someone from their own people-not a foreigner-and he is not to amass wealth and items or take a wife. He is to write the laws of God in a scroll and read them everyday to remember them and ensure they are followed. I love the model of leadership that God is laying out for the kinds of Canaan. They are to be humble leaders that focus all their energies on their people and obeying the Law.

It also speaks of false prophets and being careful to not listen to their words. I assume it must have been easy during this time (just as it is now) for people to pretend or to even think that God is talking through them. These people are to be put to death for their lies.

If someone is put on trial for a crime, there must be more than 1 witness to commit him. If a false witness is found, then he is to have done to him what he wanted done to his brother (eye for an eye, death for death,etc.). The laws go into gory detail sometimes, but basically God i just saying "don't lie and don't bear false witness or I will make an example out of you". Doesn't seem so unreasonable right?

The passage reiterates a lot of things that have already been discussed in detail--Cities of Refuge, etc... I'm not sure why there is a need to go over the same things 5 times, but its driving me bananas. It also jumps topics a lot...but whatever.

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