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Monday, May 17, 2010

Day seventy-four: Deuteronomy 11-13

It is very important for the elders of Israel to pass their knowledge down to the younger generations. The elders witnessed the miracles in the desert during their time of wandering, but the younger ones will only hear from it if the stories are passed down. Its important that everyone hears about what God has done for them to ensure that they commandments are kept. The way it is described is that they are to never go a day without thinking about how good the Lord has been to them--this will ensure that they never forget.

In this way Moses sets before them a blessing and a curse--blessing if they follow the commands, and a curse if they don't.

If they enter the land and see temples, altars or gods left over from the previous inhabitants, they are to destroy them all and not covet after the precious metals they were made from. They are not to try to worship God in a new way or experiment with new rituals. God has already shown them how to worship and sacrifice and they are to stick with His ways. Multiple times they are told to do just as they are told and to not "add or take away". They are even told to kill anyone who even whispers they idea of worshiping another God...even if it is a relative. If a town in the land becomes corrupt, the other towns are to kill all its members and burn all of the belongings of the town and leave it in ruins; never to be rebuilt. God is again reminding them of the great responsibility they have on their shoulders to be special and set apart from the others of the time...

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