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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day thirty-nine: Exodus 28-29

Aaron and his sons are appointed by God to be the priests of the Tabernacle. They receive a breastplate, ephod, rope, tunic, turban and sash.... stylin! The ephod and breastplates are completely adorned with gold, rubies, emeralds and other precious gems to symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. Bells are placed around the bottom of Aaron's robe so that he will not die when he enters and exits the Tabernacle. I know there is a reason for this, but since God knows everything, why does he need bells to announce Aaron's coming?

Aaron has a lot of pressure put on him--all of the items he wears symbolize things (something over his heart so that he always put the Lord in his decisions, a plate on his forehead to make the gifts of the people consecratable to the Lord...). He is lifted up to this amazing position, but with it comes great responsibility.

The ordination of Aaron and his sons takes 7 days. During which they slaughter rams and bulls and sprinkle the blood on the altar and wipe a bit on themselves, then eat certain parts of the meat along with some bread. The whole scene I'm sure was very powerful, but reads very gory. The idea of slaughtering all those animals and sprinkling their blood all over the place and then wiping it on oneself presents a not-so-pretty image. But, I do love and appreciate all of the ceremony that takes place. I would think it helps the priests realize just what a big job they are taking on and helps bring levity to the situation.

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  1. And how reverent this must have all been?! It is so sad that during communion, we do not always even take that seriously. We are so blessed to come before the throne of God whenever we want, without slaughtering animals and wiping their blood on us...but we should not take that lightly. Sorry, these comments are mainly for me--I get so upset when I start praying and then realize I'm only paying a part of my attention to what I'm saying! I'm talking to the Creator of the universe, and I give so little mind to that!