I'm on a journey to read through the Bible in chronological order. Taking it one day at a time, I will read based on a list I found on the internet and blog about what happened, thoughts provoked, emotions conjured, etc. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day thirty-five: Exodus 16-18

God provides the grumbling Israelites with manna and quail. Whats cool is he tells them to only gather what they need (an "omer). Anything that they don't need rots overnight. This forces them to rely on Him each day to provide for their meal. He even allows them to store twice as much before the Sabbath so that they will be able to rest and not gather and prepare food. It's amazing how much thought and provision is given towards them, yet they are never satisfied! So frustrating!

God again provides by bringing water for the people out of a rock...water from a rock in the middle of the desert...and the people STILL find something to whine about! This is getting ridiculous. Not once has God failed to give them exactly what they need, yet they are always moaning about how much better off they would be dead or enslaved by Egypt.

The people are attacked by the Amalekites, but God allows them to win as long as Moses' hands are raised towards Heaven. His brother and another man even step in the help him when his arms begin to grow weary. Just another sing that God has something great in store for the Israelites and will not allow harm to befall them.

Moses' father-in-law hears of all the great things God is doing for the Israelites and pops in for a visit. He sees Moses playing judge for the entire Hebrew nation and gives him a great idea--pick capable men in the nation to serve as judges as well. They can handle the day-to-day questions and disputes, and Moses can handle the big stuff. This could either be a very good thing, or a very bad thing if the "capable" men begin to follow their own statutes and God's!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering.. 36 (An omer is one tenth of an ephah.) :)

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