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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day forty-five: Leviticus 5-7

The different types of offerings continue as well as some rules to live by. Basically, in so many words, when a sin is committed, the person must bring their best for sacrifice. If they have a ram then they must bring one without blemish. If not a ram then 2 doves, or flour. The main point is bringing something of worth for the atonement of sins. Forgiveness cannot be granted until atonement has been sought.

There are basically 5 types of offerings:
  1. Burnt offering--a voluntary offering made to please God
  2. Grain offering--another offering to please God, no honey or yeast was to be used as it was thought that the fermenting was corruptive to the offering
  3. Peace offering--there were 3 times for a peace offering: you received something you didn't pray for; you received something you did pray for; and you are just thankful for general life blessings
  4. Sin offering--atoning for sins committed out of ignorance
  5. Guilt offering--similar to the sin offering, but was more pertinent to sins involving other people and restitution
I find it so refreshing that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross covered all of this. We no longer have to make sacrifices when we sin because Christ has already done it! Isn't that just so liberating?? Now we bring offerings in return for the goodness that has been lavished upon us. It is a free gift that we choose to give back to God. This whole concept just makes me feel so free and full of grace.

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