I'm on a journey to read through the Bible in chronological order. Taking it one day at a time, I will read based on a list I found on the internet and blog about what happened, thoughts provoked, emotions conjured, etc. Enjoy!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day two: Genesis 4-7

Oh Cain and Abel... where to begin. The first murder in the Bible all over a little offering jealousy. Abel gave his tithe with a pure heart, and Cain gave what he felt like giving to just get by. When God wasn't happy, Cain killed Abel (because this seems like a much more logical idea than offering God more crops with a grateful heart). This is another time where God asks a question that he already knows (in the garden, he asked Adam and Eve where they were when they hid from Him). I feel like its His way of giving us a chance to fess up to what we did. What is cool is that after God cursed Cain's crops for life, He also put a protective mark on him so that no man would kill him for what he did. He gave Cain a tough punishment (took away his livelihood), but gave him nothing that was beyond what he could bear.

After moving to Enoch, Cain takes a wife and starts a family. What gets me is--if Adam and Eve only had Cain and Abel, where in the world did this wife come from? So far, there is no mention of anyone else on earth...kind of strange. They later had another son -Seth- and other children followed, but prior to Seth, no other children are mentioned.

Noah and the flood have always brought up questions for me. God knows everything that will happen, so He knew that when he made mankind, they would turn evil and corrupt the perfect world He created. Yet He did it anyway. Then He brought the flood to wipe out the evil and corrupt to start anew. It begs me to trust in God's infinite wisdom that He knew just what He was doing. It may seem a little backwards and weird to us, but He knew that it was the right way to do things. I've seen this in my own life and ask "why did you let me go down that road when you knew I was just going to burn myself?". Sometimes we have to walk through the fire to claim redemption.

Another question (pretty silly but...) how did God destroy the fish and creatures of the sea with a flood? If anything, they would just have more space to enjoy themselves...digest that for a minute.

I can't imagine the amount of trust and perseverance Noah and his family had. They knew the tragedy that was about to befall the earth and had to push through it knowing that afterward they would be the only ones left alive on the ENTIRE EARTH. God has given me much smaller tasks than that only to have me second-guess and doubt his wisdom. Today, I pray for Noah-like faith.

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  1. About those fish....three possibilities come to mind.
    1. There were underwater earthquakes, volcanoes and lots of silt 7:11 says all the springs of the great deep burst forth
    2. Same verse says the floodgates of the heavens were opened - perhaps the fish couldn't breathe in this new configuration of waters
    In either of these, God would have preserved a remnant to repopulate the waters.
    3. This is kind of disgusting....but perhaps the fish were allowed to live to feed on all the human and animals that were drowned....otherwise Noah would have had a big gross mess when the waters receded!!
    Guess this is a topic to bring up when we stand in front of the Lord...if we still care at that point.